Title: Customer Success Manager
Area: Digital Transformation

Marko is the presenter of the event

Marko Hannula


Marko has worked in the CAD/PDM/PLM business for almost 25 years. He started as a CAD consultant but for the last ten years, Marko has been involved in different kinds of PDM and PLM implementations.

Amongst the customers, Marko is known as a trusted advisor, who knows their business and how to utilize product data more efficiently between different stakeholders in the organization. Marko is driven by new exciting technologies and the possibilities they bring to the customer.

Today Marko is a part of our Customer Success team. In his role, Marko is helping customers to be successful in their digitalization journey, covering the whole product lifecycle from a first sketch to a retiring product.

At PDSFORUM, Marko is the moderator of the event. In his workshops, Marko speaks about how PDSVISION Digitalization Roadmap Assessment (PDRA) can help customers to plan their digitalization journey and how Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly revolutionizing the world of industrial work instructions.